Debit and ATM Cards

Debit Cards

Connections Bank offers a debit card to qualified customers to use in lieu of a check at most merchants. Your card speeds you through the purchasing process, and allows you to obtain cash back with your purchase and works in most ATM machines. Stay on this page to learn more about our ATM Cards and a service to help protect against unauthorized use of your Connections Bank Mastercard Debit Card.

ATM Cards

Connections Bank offers an ATM card to qualified customers to allow them to access an automated teller machine (ATM) for transactions such as deposits, cash withdrawals, obtaining account information, and other types of banking transactions.
How long does it take to get my Connections Bank Check Card?
We can print you a card in person at a majority of our locations. Call your local branch to see if they off Instant Issue Cards. Otherwise, after receiving your application, it typically takes 10 to 14 days for you to receive your Connections Bank Check Card in the mail.

How do I know my PIN?
Your PIN will be delivered to you by mail 2 to 3 days after your actual card.

What is the first thing I should do after receiving my card?
You must activate your card by using it at a Connections Bank ATM with your PIN or call the number provided on the front sticker of your card.

"Credit or Debit?"
When using your Connections Bank Debit Card, you may be asked “Debit or Credit”. Your Connections Bank Check Card works either way. The main difference to you is that when you choose “credit” you should be asked to sign the receipt or an electronic display. If you choose “debit” you will be asked for your PIN. You will not be charged by Connections Bank for either type of transaction.

How can I protect my Debit card?
Be sure to read the information below about Mastercard Securecode to learn more. We also offer a Card Control feature within our mobile app. View the terms of Card Control here. 

What is the first thing I should do after receiving my ATM card?
If you receive your card from your local branch via Instant Issue, you will receive information at the time you get your card in order to activate it and set up your PIN #.
If you receive your card by mail, you must first activate your card by using it at a Connections Bank ATM with the PIN that is included with your card.

What do I do if I forget my pin?
If you forget your PIN then you will have to get a new ATM card. We cannot retrieve your PIN and we cannot reset your PIN so it is important that you remember it.

What if my Connections Bank ATM card is lost or stolen?
Call Connections Bank immediately at (816) 858-2121. You will then be able to get a new ATM card at your convenience at any one of our locations.

How do I learn about ATM locations?

Sometimes the terminology for these banking tools gets mixed up and seemingly used interchangeably. In reality, there are some very important differences between a Debit Card and an ATM Card. While learning more about these products, you can also learn how to safeguard against the unauthorized use of your Debit Card with Mastercard Securecode.


Connections Bank Debit Cards:
  • A Connections Bank MasterCard Debit card may be used to receive cash at an ATM or make point-of-sale purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Connections Bank Debit cards are personalized with the cardholder's name.
  • Connections Bank Debit cards can be issued instantly at participating branches. 
  • Connections Bank Debit cards can also be ordered by mail and arrive in 10 to 14 days after they are ordered.
  • Connections Bank Debit cards have a $2,000 per day limit at point of sale and a $500 per day limit at an ATM.
Connections Bank ATM Cards:
  • With a Connections Bank ATM card, cardholders can withdraw cash at an ATM.
  • Connections Bank ATM cards do not bear the cardholder's name on the card.
  • Connections Bank ATM cards are issued immediately at the bank.
  • Connections Bank ATM cards have a $500 per day limit.

Call us today. We would be happy to discuss the advantages of a Connections Bank Debit and ATM card with you!